Bare buttocks and a bad night’s sleep!

Oh good lord … what a night last night. 

So I woke around 3.45 to the glaring light of Mark’s phone. He couldn’t sleep so apparently putting an electronic device in front of his eyes and scrolling the Daily Mail, reading crap about celebrities he’s too old to know about, supposedly makes his brain fall back to sleep! So after having a conversation about the sorrows of been awake at ridiculous o clock, I hear Ethan get up from his bunk. I leap towards mark in a frantic attempt to hide the phone glare (as once he sees we are awake we are done for) but it was too late…he sees, he enters the bedroom and…boom! Before my very eyes the destruction of “nighttime” occurred.  He comes wandering in wanting a cuddle and I didn’t even get chance to tell him it wasn’t time to get up before he’d climbed into our bed and plonked himself in between me and mark. Now usually “dragon woman” appears as I don’t do well without sleep but Ethan starts the conversation with ” I love you mummy. Do you want a cuddle?” And…well…how could I say no to that gorgeous man… he’s already playing the woman in his life! Sweet talker! So we utch up and Ethan squeezes in… then I hear more footsteps. By this time I can see sleep speeding off like it’s a formula one racing car and I’m the starting block! Owen appears. Love you mummy he says as he comes to my side for a hug. Then he walks round to mark and he too gets in. 

Yes there is a nursery rhyme that fits this moment perfectly..  there were four in the bed and little Owen said….roll over…roll over. We all utched up and my fat ass was now hanging precariously over the edge of the bed… a lovely image! I had no covers and I could feel this cold air hitting my bare buttocks! Ethan asked if I was comfy…yeah sure I reply…he then decides we should all watch a film as we are having some family time! Remember it’s now only 4am. Family time…I only spoke the other day of time passing and you missing out so much so mark and I both said “sure. Why not!” So a film was put on and Ethan made sure we both had our eyes open watching it, regularly telling us off if our eyes drooped heavy or dare I say “closed”. 

The day has been a struggle to say the least! But they are both fast asleep now. Mark and I both described our feelings throughout the day as like we’d been on a massive alcohol filled night out but without the benefits…however we did benefit…we had extra cuddles…. and they are far better cuddles than a cuddle with a few bottles of beer! 

How life changes…once upon a time I’d not get in till 4…now I’m getting up at 4! 


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