Bad ass, bikes and little balance

Sorry I’ve been so quiet… work life balance seems to have fled and escaped and I’m trapped in a deep deep darkness known as GCSE exam time…it’s a pit of mock exam marking and I’m buried in it usually from January to April! This year is no exception! I’m trying my best to have some sort of work 💼life balance but the weighing scales are heavily over loaded on one side. It’s not the favourable one either! 
In between all this madness the boys have turned 7. Wow 😲 where on earth has that gone? Funny, that phrase “time flies” but jeez I’m on concord! The first few years are the worst where the most rapid changes occur but it’s still a whirlwind at this age too; but not quite so intense. 
So we’d planned to go away again after our momentous trip to London last year. However the dog 🐶got in the way and we’re too soft and won’t put him in kennels so a party 🎉 was decided. The boys wanted a star wars themed party so I endeavoured to make it memorable. All family members joined in the theme (even little isabel) and it was fab. Well it was fab for the boys, I just find it very stressful. I wrote an itinerary for the two hours of madness (the teacher in me never escapes). The thought of chaos with a load of 4, 5, 6, and 7 year olds fills me with utter dread but then I forgot the itinerary and well…it went OK after the panic stopped. The kids loved 💖 it and the games I created went down a storm ☁ so I was thrilled. It was expensive though…in terms of comparability a party is cheaper to a weekend away in London but not that much…there’s only a couple of hundred pounds in it and when you’re thinking about time per hour fun….well a holiday (3 days away) beats it every time…don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind spending it especially when it’s both of their parties so if you split the cost for two children it’s not too bad but still I prefer to go away. 

It seems to be party time for them this time of year as they’ve been to three others in past few weeks so they are completely partied out! 😜 – time for a party break. Owen has suffered terrible with illness over past few weeks. Another week off school and me having time off work that I can’t afford to have… but the kids have to come first..with sickness, temperature, ear infections, chest infections…the list is endless and everyone you talk to seems to be suffering in their households…what is it with increase of illness? The warmer winters? antibiotics not working? Germ infestations? Hygiene? I’ve not got the answers but it is quite bad this year. Let’s hope lighter nights, sunny weather and more outside time will bring some relief to poorly children. Hate seeing then suffer so much :(.

We have started to get out more…last weekend we gave our bikes some TLC and got them “summer ready” . Mark hasn’t got a bike ( it’s just not cool 🆒 enough!!!) So mark and I walk and boys bike. There’s a lovely 4 mile round trip that’s bike and dog 🐶friendly near our house so we pack a mini bag and head off to do that quite regularly. It’s a good trek and boys love it…today mark was at work so I got on my bike with them…I’m suffering now though. My poor ass feels like I’ve been sat on a brick! Think I need some padding in my seat cos I certainly don’t need any more padding in my ass….That’s the whole point of biking…. to get that bad boy a bit smaller!!! Painful now though.  Walking like a cowboy! … it’s all good fun though and I’m hoping I’ll build some resilience as we do it more. 

Brighter nights mean more fun as we are a winter hibernating family…. let summer begin!!!

We went for a lovely woodland walk near us other day…love the fresh faces and healthy glow of a good walk …all be it a cold one!! It’s great to get out again.