Empty nest!

Once upon a time I never got a moment to myself. I wouldn’t be able to go to the toilet without the convoy of a twintastic mini me following me and chatting to me, sitting with me and cuddling me whilst I was trying to have a moment’s peace. I used to have to carry them both upstairs as they would cry if I went upstairs without them. They hated not being with me every second of every minute of every hour. At times, quite a lot of times, I used to hate it. I’d want to scream inside. I used to bury my head in my hand and cry. Just five minutes, that’s all I wanted; five minutes where I wasn’t needed and wanted and attached to something or someone else…

Now they are 7… they like to go to multisport’s club all day without me. They don’t want to hang out with me, in fact all they want to do is play outside with the kids on the cul de sac and I now have way more than five minutes to myself… and I hate it. I want that attachment and desire to be with me every second of every minute of every hour of the day and it’s gone… FOREVER. I can never get that back. It was so short lived and I was too tired and too overwhelmed to realise how special it was till the day it stopped. Reflection. Appreciate every moment, even when you think it’s a burden or a lot to handle because the quiet and the emptiness and the confidence comes all too quickly and then they’ve flown and you are left with the empty nest!