In 2009 my life went from Fiat Punto to a Range Rover Sport all in the blink of an eye… I met back up with an old school friend from secondary school, whom I’d fancied my whole life, and “oh my God” the feelings had become mutual! We had always been good friends but this had progressed up through the gears rapidly and from our first meet up for a cup of tea, we were inseparable.

This is my thrilling Tornado of life with my bestie. Within 6 months I was pregnant – nine months we had bought our first house together and in Early 2010 we became proud parents of twin boys! We have had a crazy and sometimes difficult journey but one thing remains strong and that’s our bond and friendship!

This blog is about keeping my memories alive.. about remembering as much time of when the boys are young as I can from 2016 onwards… I tried writing a book but tiredness and stress and managing to survive “life with twins” just got in the way too much! I regret not doing this sooner but at least I’m doing it now and I’m hopeful that in my old age I will look back with loving tears of joy like a Harry Potter picture… xxxx



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