Feeling the January blues as plans going wrong! 

I’m just feeling miserable – that sinking, put of your stomach, inner turmoil misery that just makes you want to cry. It’s the boys birthday in March and plans have mucked up. It’s making me feel like I’m letting the boys down…the two most important people in my life and one birthday to celebrate – I feel the pressure to make it special. Magical. Memorable. We’d had it all planned out. We were going to whisk them away for their birthday weekend to Legoland and one of the special rooms in the Legoland hotel… but now the plans have been messed up…

The dog sitter can’t have the dog so we are stuck!

I’ve tried compensating by finding other things where we can involve the dog but nothing feels right or what we wanted…We’ve looked at just staying at home and going for a few day’s out to some places (it doesn’t help that this year I haven’t got the Monday off work) but we are rubbish and lazy and I just know in my heart that it won’t be as good as going away because we won’t put enough effort in and it won’t feel as good..

It sounds daft but I’m so so disappointed. We both feel upset because it’s just not working out well – the weekend before, mark is working meanwhile, the birthday weekend  and weekend after, the dog sitter is busy…Grrr I’m so angry I didn’t plan a year ahead.

Well we’ve booked a hall to have a party but I’m not feeling it…. I hope I can get my enthusiasm in gear and make it great for them. 

Here’s to fueling the fun! 


Bowling and breathtaking moments. 

​So we went bowling today – we are usually terribly lazy on a weekend….the working week is so hectic from 5 am to 10pm we are on it…Marks alarm goes off at 5 and from then on its: getting ready for school and work, making pack ups, sorting dog, getting to childcare, doing a full day at work, picking kids up, tea, walk dog, bed, story, school work, and then during the week they now have football club and swimming on some days so all in all I take a breath around 9pm Friday! So as you can imagine I don’t feel like getting up and sorted on a Saturday.  I lack motivation and energy! Kids feel same. They beg to just chill at home and play with their toys as we never get time in the week. They especially adore their micro machine star wars figures and even the hubster has said how beautifully they play together with them and how creative they are with the make believe stories and today we enjoyed watching them as their adventures erupted in a sea of play in the living room. Fabulous moments to cherish when they play do nicely together.

Today we did just chill until dinner time. We’ve been riddled with illness and Owen had a nasty incident on Thursday with his asthma so all in all it has been a rough couple of weeks, however because mark is working next weekend, I get this urge to do something as a family to compensate for a missed weekend with him. We do dearly miss him (however I have some fun outings planned so it’s not all doom and gloom lol!). So the boys decided they wanted to go to Toys r us and spend some of their Xmas voucher money (although Owen doesn’t like to part with money and gets upset handing it over – like his dad 🙂 lol!) and then go Bowling. It was something they haven’t mentioned in a while and it’s relatively cheap so we decided to go with their idea.
Bowling in the past has been hit and miss with success. We’ve had them getting bored midway through a game; we’ve had tears when one is winning and one losing; we’ve had great times with lots of smiles and we’ve had everything in between. Today we had a mixture of both at the beginning but it ended well and we had a GREAT time. 
So to begin with arguments over who was going on the list first! Ethan relented. Then we had tears from Owen because Ethan had a strike so mummy came to the rescue and helped Owen throw the bowling ball to get his strike (I got cuddles and hi fives and lots of thanks after that one – my cool level rose above marks for an afternoon for sure!!). This made the tears go away and it was after that (and a bit of dancing, selfies and a slush), that things picked up. The boys were being so supportive of each other – helping each other and giving pats on the backs and well dones! High fives were flying around (and cuddles) and it was lovely to see… it was a brilliant afternoon and I captured some special photos that will go in my collection of favourites. I love my family and I love my family time…

On a personal note – I started off so well with bowling but faded so fast – I’d like to say I did it on purpose but I was really trying!! Didn’t even manage to beat mark who started off rubbish!

Our day has ended laid In Owen’s bed with Owen stroking my hair – his arm wrapped around my head. I’ve received so many cuddles today and it’s so lovely. He even came to see how I was when I was downstairs on my own tidying up and cuddled me and said he was worried about me so he came to look after me.♡♡♡ It’s the magical moments like these that make parenting the best gift in the world. Treasure the gift. It’s pure heaven.

♡♡♡ beautiful image of twin love: twinnymomblog.files.wordpress.com 

Back to work blues 

So my job today is a game of “where’s that safe place I put my memory stick when we broke up for Xmas (with my many years of teaching resources on it)? and OH MY GOD what on earth were my passwords?” … then it’s frantic chaos as you try to get back into the flow of work and childcare organising and ironing school clothes and packing up sandwiches and arranging pick ups and that’s before I even start my job at 8 am teaching kids. I’ll have to start all over again calling kids by the wrong name till I get my brain back in gear (After all, I can’t even get my own kid’s name right half of the time!) and the thought of being monitored and scrutinised by the hour every hour that I’m there at work ( well you are on edge just in case) fills me with a sick, slushy feeling in my belly…shocking reality of the build up to return!

Oh what joy it is on the first day back. Luckily for me I have a PPA time first lesson so it’s only four to plan tonight once my boys have gone to bed. I’ve also got my first late night marking session on Friday booked in so Mark is going to take the boys to swimming so I can catch up on anything I failed to catch up on before the end of Xmas  (and that was lots because everyone in the family was ill and I had to cancel my BIRTHDAY so it was a pretty horrendous last week of term)!

Will I survive? Probably

Will I be tired? Definitely 

Will I see two 9 of clocks in a day? No

Will I be exhausted by the weekend? Yes

Will I miss my children? Way too much it’ll hurt…

But I have to remember, as we quickly now dash out of the door to go to the cinema and I’m already on with planning and purchasing our Centre Parcs holiday and saving the deposit for Lapland (fingers crossed), it really is the reason I go to work….to make all these magical memories….

So I will work my little butt off tonight, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday day and afternoon after school and I will NOT work the weekend and I will smile and whistle whilst I work! 

Holibobs to Manchester and Happy New Year Reflection

A holiday to Manchester does not probably fill anyone with feelings of sun sea and sand but for us, and particularly me, a holiday is a stress release….a time where I don’t have to pick up dirty washing and wash clothes, where tidying up is just not necessary and where cooking and cleaning are done by someone else because when I’m at home, as a mother, I never get to rest. There’s always some job, something I have to do and I can’t ever just….sit. Relax. Chill! As a full time teacher I work hard and the first term is the hardest and so a break at this time of year is essential, I feel. 

The holiday was created because of the boys’ love of Horrible Histories; the gruesome show for children which encourages the learning of history through gory, crude and quite gross facts about moments in time. A theatrical Christmas special was/is on tour throughout the UK and when I saw it was in Manchester I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to take the boys. At first we were going for one night in a simple and cheap hotel but it soon became quite the prestigious trip as we ended up going for four days, staying in a luxurious 4/5 star hotel with a swimming pool (because of the boys new found love of swimming) and booking quite a few “days out”! But it was worth every bit as it became a true “holiday” away.

The hotel was GRAND – it had a swimming pool, gym, sauna, steam room, Spa and three restaurants… we had wonderful breakfasts every day – and I spoilt myself with poached egg and smoked salmon on brown bread which was to die for! 

Realistically, the boys would have just stayed in the swimming pool ALL day but after a few hours a day, mark and I were ready to get out but I’m so glad I booked a hotel with a pool as it meant afternoon entertainment and fun was sorted every day and technically free which kept spends controlled ….within reason. The boys adored playing ball and doing lengths with us… Owen had a few overly confident moments – one particularly where he jumped in and his rubber ring came off and I had to grab him (as the pool was deep with no shallow area) however, he just laughed it off and it did not phase him at all.

Another fun evening activity was that we took a board game – I took children’s monopoly…it’s a fabulous fun and friendly game specifically tailored for children and adults who do not take gaming seriously!!! You can purchase things like a sweet shop and a cinema and money and rent is all simplified…the end is far quicker too (for all those who do not like the game for the endless hours it can waste coming to an end) if one can’t pay that’s it. Over. The winner is the one at that point with the most money! Simples! We loved sitting down on an evening and just enjoying each other’s company – magical. 

Over the four days we participated in lots of activities including a Man United tour of the grounds and museum, sea life centre visit and Trafford Centre Shopping and the brilliant Horrible Histories live Xmas show at the theatre. 

All in all it made Xmas special and stress free getting away to enjoy quality time as a family. We get on so well and smile so much together ♡♡♡ true love.

Xmas day was at Nanas after a chilled out morning opening toys and taking Rocky for a good winter’s walk. All this week, post Xmas, has been visiting friends and having games evenings at Nanas including trivial pursuit family edition. It has been a fun Xmas 2016 and it has set our minds and focus for 2017. 

Tonight I created my own story for the boys of our 2016 as a family. We talked about our best bits and our achievements… we had plenty to discuss and it was lovely to reminisce. One thing that was obvious was that the memories that have stuck were holidays but not necessarily days out (although they are wonderful). It’s the holidays and the days out when on holiday that seem to stick firm in their minds. This has confirmed to both of us – holidays and amazing planned trips are the way forward… yes keep up with the days out but really 2017 is holidays, holidays, holidays…. I work full time and have had a fabulous pay rise this year so I’m going to put it to good use…will I work full time again in September? I’m not sure what the answer is to that but I’m not going to slow down with building memories … we shall see what 2017 brings but I’m excited with our plans which are already forming! Happy new year – let’s hope 2017 brings peace, love, health and happiness ♡

It’s been amazing 2016 – THANK YOU…welcome 2017 and…

Merry Xmas Everyone

Well we have had an absolutely fabulous pre Christmas holibobs and although this evening has been manic, it’s been fun…so although I’d love to blog lots this evening, I’m spending it with my hubby ♡♡♡ so I’m excitedly placing the presents downstairs and eating father Xmas’s food and I’m going to bed because I know it will be an EARLY start tomorrow – xx

Loving Santa times as a mummy  and daddy xx

End of term Madness and Christmas illness – all’s well that ends well!

So it’s been dreadfully painful over the past couple of weeks…we, as always at this time of year, have been struck down by illness. A virus that resembles the flu but manifested into slapped cheek for poor little Owen. 

On top of that…the dreaded big O decided to turn up in the last week of school .. how considerate of them! And on my birthday! My poor birthday was cancelled this year! (Does that mean I’m still 34?!). So whilst I suffered at work (after being hit with the bug the week before), my little brood were all off ill and laid at home very poorly. 

It’s been tough to watch them and have to put work first especially when they just wanted snuggles from their mummy but unfortunately at this time of a teaching career, my job really does have to come first. It went well and my observation was brilliant. The minute they (ofsted) left I then put my concentration towards getting my family well again..

So we’ve had days at home – relaxing, watching films and not venturing very far past our front door. Sleeping and resting has been the main focus and making sure we are well enough for our Christmas adventure and they have been resting so well… I’ve been a tad bit bored!!

So our Christmas adventure…what is it you may ask? Well we are heading off to Manchester for a midweek break… we enjoyed London so much and made so many wonderful memories that we decided as a family that city breaks were our thing and so Manchester is our next destination: building memories. 

We have a jam packed schedule of events: a Manchester United Stadium Tour; a visit to see our Donkey which Nana has sponsored for us for the year ( he’s called Tiny Tim! – how apt!); a visit to the Trafford Centre for some Xmas Shopping and a visit to the Theatre to see The Horrible Histories live show… with a weary return home on Xmas eve ready for the “BIG MAN” arriving in the night! 

The boys are bouncing with excitement about our trip and I hope it brings us the same joy as London did. The hotel has a swimming pool, spa and gym so the boys are hoping to practise their new found swimming skills and I’m going to practise laying still and being pampered in the spa!!! I’m sure the hubby will check out the gym so there’s something for us all! I’ve also got some evening surprises of games to play at the hotel! It’s all very magical…

You can catch up on our events in my next blog but for now – I’m going to start holiday packing preparation including packing a suitcase,buying presents, wrapping presents, delivering presents and tidying… whilst my brood carry on doing what they do best – sitting! I’m living the dream lol!! Xx

We did attempt a night out in the midst of all the illness but it was an epic fail – Mark was too ill to enjoy and the evening was a bit of a disaster – however a bit of good complaining from me about the evening and the end result was a free meal or stay over in the hotel – all’s well that ends well… I think! 

It all started with this booking and a love of Horrible Histories – it created our next adventure… xx